The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly - Directed by Sergio Leone


Earlier I was watching the always appropriate No Reservations, which, to no one’s surprise, finds Anthony Bourdain swearing, drinking, eating, cooking, tromping and stomping in the deserts of California with fellow badass Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age, Eagles of Death Metal).  All that dry, dusty earth being turned up by boot spurs and obstacle-free desert wind made me miss the time Mike and I spent writing songs in Joshua Tree like hell.  Almost to the point of me sticking my head in the oven on 200 just to feel the arid swelter entomb me again, though I figure the safer route would be to feature a western.

The Italians did a damn good thing here.  Far and away my favorite western film ever, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly really needs no introduction.  Most everyone has seen it or if not, heard of it, and for good reason.  It has been heralded by film makers for years, style and grit borrowed but never quite replicated.  Quentin Tarantino cites it as his favorite movie EVER.  After seeing it, I can see a lot of the spaghetti western influence in his work, but that is another conversation for another night.

Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood, one of the most respected directors/actors alive, turns in a perfect performance as “Blondie”, bolstering wit, grit, bravery and stubbornness as if the attributes coated his core.  Clearly this character became iconic for Eastwood, as he revisited dozens of versions of it throughout his career.  But believe me, if you have 3 and half hours and a penchant for the rude and the raw, give this one a shot in the dark.


You know how I feel about this, but I’m curious…

Westerns: yay or nay?

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  1. ohdearcaroline answered: Yea. Fact: Many westerns were shot in Italy
  2. vicious-sunshine answered: YAY! Clint Eastwood is phenomenal, even in his wisened age. :)
  3. thatwasunexpected answered: YAY! Clint Eastwood and John Wayne are two of my most favorite actors!
  4. marieart answered: Yay. I was raised to think that everyone’s grandparents and parents always watched westerns. Plus, I love Eastwood/westerns in general.
  5. sarahkae answered: yay
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  7. jacthestampede answered: Westerns are always a YAY! My favorite is ‘She Wore a Yellow Ribbon’. =)
  8. ollybr answered: Usually no, but this one definitely deserves to be watched.
  9. nootles answered: Yay!
  10. paigerhiann answered: my friend says nay but i say yay (to an extent)
  11. isneezestars answered: Depends on my mood and the quality of the western.
  12. emmypop5 answered: Yay. I spent a lot of my childhood watching westerns, they always seemed to be on. I loved them but haven’t seen one in years.
  13. nwrann answered: Yay. Though few and far between today. Some recent good ones are True Grit, Open Country, The Proposition, and you MUST watch Lonesome Dove
  14. doyadoyadoyadoya answered: hell yes!
  15. whoisbrandee answered: YAY!
  16. joshfranvibeyvibes answered: nay
  17. abeautifullittlefool answered: Yay. Italian Spaghetti Westerns, specifically. Tarantino takes so much from them in his work.
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  19. alphavalko answered: yay
  20. anamdabynes answered: if only for ennio
  21. andwealljust-runaway answered: Nay. I have yet to find a western that doesn’t bore me. Then again, I haven’t seen many westerns.
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  23. just-hopelessly-hopeful answered: Yes!!! Grew up watching them with my parents. I love spaghetti westerns! Favorite movie ever would be Lonesome Dove miniseries. I recomend it
  24. aliveinwords answered: yay, but only specific ones. Made before the mid-60’s, probably not
  25. notebooksandnamaste answered: John Wayne? Yes. No John Wayne? Hell no.
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  27. gorgeousnerd answered: Love westerns. The modern True Grit and 3:10 to Yuma were great returns to form, and I’d like to see more.
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    William Beckett talking about a western I’m studying in Media Studies? oh yeh.