The past couple days I’ve had the privilege of going to Wrigley Field and seeing the Cubs beat the defending champs, the Giants.  Being the uber baseball nerd that I am, I went ahead and filled my own scorecard at the game yesterday.  Any good Chicagoan knows that at our sporting events will undoubtedly attract an otherwise unusually high number of mustached men.  Knowing this, I grew one of my own, one week’s worth of gruff (Which I shaved IMMEDIATELY when I got home after seeing these photos).

Heading into the 4th of July weekend, what better way is there to celebrate the holiday than our nation’s favorite past time?  Chicago will be divided by the deciding series in the crosstown classic pitting the north side Cubs against my south side White Sox.  Though I’ll be pulling for the good guys in this one, one thing’s for sure:  There’s nothing like baseball in Chicago this time of year.


My mustache was way better than that other guy’s… right?

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  5. badlycooper answered: William, shave that mustache! LOL
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  7. jjs- answered: WOW,I VOTE: NO FUZZ ,NO FUZZ! YIKES, the one behind you could snatch small children, haha
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  10. mariau answered: yours is so much better than the other guys hun
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  13. thekyraapproach answered: it was complete chaos in wrigleyville today. but the sox won so i’m all smiles :)
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    Oh hai William Beckett, hope to catch you at a Chicago baseball game (no preference right now towards the Cubs or White...
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